The Ellis Building

How did we get here?

That’s a great question. We risked it all and it was worth it.


When you don’t have much you have to work together. Maybe we should just always do that?

In Vancouver it’s hard to make anything happen, especially hard if you are starting with no budget. Sometimes though you’re able to squirrel away a little savings and then you lose your mind and use the whole thing to pay a deposit and clean up an old building that was sad and empty that no one else wanted. It was a tough start that would not have gone anywhere if a few friends and awesome strangers had not moved in to help The Ellis Building become the community space it is today. Over the last few years we have learned a ton about this old building. Predating the Ivanhoe and originally being a rooming house for railroad workers it transitioned to selling furs in the 20s. The next life it lived was a decade as a furniture store before spending the last 60 or so years doing custom metal work for everyone that calls Strathcona home. We are very proud to have brought this beautiful little piece of Vancouver back to life and to have everyone that steps inside see a little bit of what Vancouver was like in the beginning. Now that we have dusted off this little gem, right in the middle of everything, we hope you’ll drop by. If you’d like to join us and host an event or gathering please get in touch. We’d love to have you.